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Newspaper Advertising

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Newspaper Advertisment

We are introducing the best andone of the oldest media for branding and promotion. The first newspaper inIndia was The term classified means to arrange in classes or categories. Itmeans ads which all the types of small advertisements in a newspaper andorganized in various category. There are two types of Classified ads. Let us nowdiscuss different kinds of classified advertisements that consumers comeacross. In the classified ads, there are various categories of ads are therewhich are as follows. Recruitment, Property, Obituary, Matrimonial, Business,Announcements, Education, Personal.

A.) Classified lineages / Text Ads

Classified Text/lineages Ads are the most affordable forms of advertising in any Newspaper in India. These ads appear in the classified section. It will be displayed in standard running text format. The charges will apply as per the line/word/character basis. For Highlights of text content, you may apply tick mark, color, bold font, border, etc. it leads to chargeable extra.

B.) Classified Display Ads

Classified Display Ads are the most affordable forms of advertising in any Newspaper in India. These ads appear in the classified section/column. These ads are affordable than regular display ads. These ads are more attractive as compare to classified text ads because there are many options or elements to create amazing ads. Company Logo, Attractive and customization font, Image, color, etc it will be charged as per column centimeter or per square centimeter basis. It is approximately 6 to 7 times costlier then classified.

2. Display Ads

These kinds of are very premium and costly in nature. These ads will give the Fantastic response from the targeted customer. Because By using the various Designing tools & Material (Company Logo, Attractive and customization font, Image, color, etc) For Creating effective and eye-catching ads. Generally, the minimum size accepted is 4 x 5 i.e. 20 SqCm and the maximum size is Full Page which is around 1700 SqCm. Many times we notice that the Front-page, rear page, and Inner side (Between 1 to 8 pages) Of Any Newspaper. And Client has fully flexible with the position and size of ads. Accordingly, the cost of Ads will be decided. To get a better result, we suggest you take Front-page as well as jacket ads also

Various Categories in Newspaper Advertising

1. Recruitment

Recruitment ads mean the small or medium-size Business requirements the qualitative and efficient, skilled person who full fills their mentioned requirements. These kinds of ads publish under “Situations Vacant” or “Situations Wanted“. In this case, Recruiter mentioned the appropriate Contact details, qualification, Job description, Age group, required skill, etc. These ads are mainly published in a classified advertisement. But you proffer classified display ads also for high attention towards your ads.

2. Property

These kinds of ads have many Trade and Commercial Activity, like Sale, Purchase, rent of any house or property, shops, or other properties by the individual property owner, landlords, or even property brokers. Any once can publish ads."Buyer, Seller, brokers”. In these ads, they mentioned all the details regarding the property or house, Mentioned the rate, Area, Location, Specific requirement about the Caste (Generally seen in rent purpose), and many more. We recommend property ads or real estate projects are not coming under for classified Ads. But as per your requirements and budget, you can be placed ads Display ads also.

3. Obituary

We can also call it "Emotional Ads". Obituary messages are considered one of the classified ads. In Obituary Ads, You can Convey your feelings through the message (death), With Images to your loved once among relatives and friends. You can give the message of birth and death anniversary of your forefather and near and dear once who wanted to be live with the Lord. We have various options for condolence message, Funeral Invitation, remembrance, tribute, etc. You can put the Obituary message or Obituary Ads in the classified section as well as Display ads also. As per the convenience of yourself, you can give it. “We can understand situations and save from the unnecessary trouble to visit or searching the various agencies. You can just call it and will handle trouble very nicely." (Creating of your Ads, Publishing Ads are free of Cost*, Facility with various Payment options.)

4. Matrimonial

In Matrimonial Ads, we consider as the modern concept of Searching Bride / Groom across the city/state with full fill all the Mentioned requirements. They mentioned the Qualification, Job description, Cast of Bride/Groom, religion, Community, and many more. As per the Convenience and Requirements, you have options to put the ads in text form Classified ads (In-Text / Lineage Form), or else you publish ads in the display section with Bride / Groom Images and appropriate requirements and present all information in a wide place. We offer you the 1,00,000+ newspaper with a variety of Languages. So you can perfectly match the Pair of Bride / Groom.

5. Business

In India, 80% of Small and medium scale industry preferred Ads in newspapers. These types of business ads generally placed in classified ads category. Generally, In the Business category, we notice that all the proposals or requirements related to business. I.e. Required Distributors / Wholesale / Retail, Channel partner, Investor, business-related services & promotions, Work from Home, and many more. Anyone who requires the Job they find here. We help us the 1, 00,000 + newspaper with a variety of Languages.

6. Announcements

Earlier we are discussing the Matrimonial Ads are leading types of Classified Ads. It includes the personal announcement Like Name and Address Change on the legal document, Legal notifications, Lost and Found of object and person, marriage Notices, lost share certificate or legal documents, & many more. It will be published in classified ads sections. These are primarily intended for personal or government references.

7. Education

In any type of educational institution or coaching classes/centers, they promote ads under the Educational category. It mostly is seen in Small budget or low budget ads. You may publish ads in classified ads as well as classified