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Product Name Image Circulation Category Description City
Agriculture And Industry Survey Magazine/Agriculture And Industry Survey.jpg 30000 Agriculture and Veterinary India
India Today Magazine/India Today.jpg 1000000 Current Affairs India
Suhaag Magazine/Suhaag.jpg 20000 Wedding India
Jewellers Today Directory Magazine/Jewellers Today Directory.jpg 15000 Jewellery India
Diamond World Magazine/Diamond World.jpg 25600 Jewellery India
Poultry Times Of India Magazine/Poultry Times Of India.jpg 10000 Agriculture and Veterinary India
Agriculture Today Magazine/Agriculture Today.jpg 38000 Agriculture and Veterinary India
Creative Gaga Magazine/Creative Gaga.jpg 32000 Animation India
Studio Systems Magazine/Studio Systems.jpg 12500 Animation India
Animation Today Magazine/Animation Today.jpg 13700 Animation India
Hotels And Institutions Buyers Guide Magazine/Hotels And Institutions Buyers Guide.jpg 13300 Hotels and Restaurants India
Steel Metals And Minerals International Magazine/Steel Metals And Minerals International.jpg 5000 Infrastructure India
Diamond Handbook Of India Magazine/Diamond Handbook Of India.jpg 10000 Jewellery India
The DUKE Orthopaedic Journal Magazine/The DUKE Orthopaedic Journal.jpg 2400 Medical India
Elle Decor Magazine/Elle Decor.jpg 74000 Interior Design and Architecture India
Wedding Affair Magazine/Wedding Affair.jpg 87075 Wedding India
Outlook Traveller Luxe Magazine/Outlook Traveller Luxe.jpg 60000 Travel and Tourism India
Construction And Architecture Update Magazine/Construction And Architecture Update.jpg 22500 Interior Design and Architecture India

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